Key Success Measures are our outcome measures of success in 4 vital areas: Operations, Human Resources, Business Development and Financial. Together these four areas provide a Balanced Scorecard for TCI.  They measure how effectively we are achieving our vision, mission, and values on a year-by-year basis.  Our Balanced Scorecard for continuous improvement is key to measure progress. What gets measured gets done!

Key Success Measures

  • Generate profit by offering competitive prices
  • Create a productive TCI organization
  • Create long term career opportunities
  • Create a culture of professionalism and community pride

Core Strategies

1. OPERATIONAL STRATEGY: To improve on our operations locally, the mine and the roads. We strive to improve on our production and to achieve our business opportunities and goals. More importantly to satisfy our clients and use our resources efficiently and effectively.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES STRATEGY: To invest in our people and value our employees. Provide quality training and professional development programs and to recognize and reward our employees. To have in place consistent performance management systems for quality and control.

3. MARKETING STRATEGY: To identify and build on our services and to deliver the best product to our clients. Enhance the image of TCI and to develop our business opportunities and activities.

4. FINANCIAL STRATEGY: To develop a sound financial framework, to create the processes to better our services for the company as well as for our clients. More importantly, provide the tools to our financial teams to work more effectively and efficiently.

TCI's Competencies


(Active Listening, Speaking, Clarity)


(Risk Management, Procedures, Processes, Health Capacity)


(Influence Decisions, Problem Solve, Capacity Development)


(Self Motivated, Independent, Expanding Knowledge and Skills)


(Organized, Project Management, Precision)