Construction Management

Our knowledge of the construction industry in the north is extremely well rounded. TCI has been leading the way in construction in the north for the past 20 years. We have the partnerships and resources to accomplish a variety of projects. Every year we grow and learn a little more.

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Civil Works & Infrastructure

The land possesses many geographical traits and can present unique challenges to civil work. To succeed in this industry requires a high level of technical expertise. TCI has reputation for having the resources and tools to meet the demands of an exceptionally challenging industry.

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Mining Development

TCI has partnered with other internationally recognized mining companies. This was how they got started in the mining industry. These strategic alliances have given TCI the opportunity to learn new skills in the technical and practical aspects of the industry.

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Although Wemindji has their own paving company, TCI still plays a major role when it comes to paving roads. We have the ability to source the raw materials required for pavement and concrete.

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Road Maintenance

Road maintenance has always been a vital contract for TCI. Contracts with Hydro Quebec, Cree Nation of Wemindji and Eleonore Mines have provided job security for our local drivers.

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Key Addresses

It is imperative that we have our offices at the right place with the right personnel. Duty to our contracts means that we have to be mobile and even have permanent offices in some situations.

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